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The Journey of Life

Trust. That word means everything for her. You have to trust her or she´ll get upset. Why? Because she loves you more than you can never imagine. You are the only one for her. Don´t hurt her by questioning her true feelings.

Remember. When she trusts you, she feels naked, like a child without protection. She is fragile. Trust is a mutual feeling. It has to be. If she can´t trust you, it will break her heart. You don´t want to break her heart, you know it deep in your heart and mind. Even when you feel so jealous you could just scream, you know that. So why would you do it?

Trust each other and let your life together be magnificent. 

 Ars longa, vita brevis.

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 How many  times can you  say...

 "I trust you with all my heart ", and never hear it said back to you?